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Patient Transportation Santa Monica: information and links to Santa Monica non-emergency medical transportation on Patient Transportation Los Angeles Website.

Patient transportation is available to non-emergency patients in Santa Monica from a number of non-emergency medical transportation providers.

The vehicles used for non-emergency patient transportation are wheelchair accessible, have wheelchair lifts or ramps, some have a gurney as well; many are equipped with oxygen. All of them have first aid kits, fire extinguishers and – of course – heating and air conditioning. In short, the vehicles are fully-equipped to provide the patient with safety and comfort and the operators are trained to treat their passengers with respect.

The majority of non-emergency medical transportation providers in Santa Monica serve patients who need transportation for medical reasons. Some, may provide transportation for other reasons as well. Being limited in mobility doesn’t diminish person’s needs or wants and that’s why some Santa Monica patient transportation companies will drive their clients to a church, hair stylist, a movie or a social event.

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Patient Transportation in Santa Monica Providers

There are currently no listings of non-emergency medical transportation providers located in Santa Monica. Some of the patient transportation options available to Santa Monica non-emergency patients are:

Dependable Care Ambulance, Inc. provides premier ambulance service to the City of Los Angeles and the surrounding cities.

Med Trans Serving Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Inglewood, Northridge, N. Hollywood, W. Hollywood, San Fernando Valley, Burbank and Woodland Hills.

Care America Transportation serves senior citizens, people using wheelchairs and parents and children with special needs throughout Los Angeles.

Caramedix Non-Emergency Medical Transport Serving Los Angles & Orange Counties

A&H Non Medical Transportation Serving Los Angles County